“Facebook Wizard” & former Disruptor quietly raking in MILLIONS with these Meta Strategies…

Discover how to leverage these little known strategies to flood your business with sales or leads and scale past $100k/day…

We met at the Funnel Hacking Live event. 

A couple years ago, I quickly realized that any business or person who advertises on Facebook/Meta is…well screwed. 

After working with dozens of agencies, media buyers and talent across the world, it seemed like nobody had a pulse on what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Even some of the highest ranking and reviewed agencies touted their ability to perform, but in the end, like everyone else, just fell flat.

It seems like all the “agencies” and fake “gurus” out there are just pressing buttons and making random reports to push the envelope for their clients or businesses. 


It’s simple. Nobody so far that I’ve met has been scaling past $50k/day, let alone $100k/day. 

It’s painfully obvious to me that most people have no clue what they’re doing on Facebook. There is no sound structure or strategy. 


Just randomness

There’s no structure, no strategy, no succinct testing or lessons. 

Here’s common things I hear: 

  1. I need to test my Look a Likes: Wrong
  2. I need to test interests: Wrong
  3.  I need to test my Primary text & headline: Wrong
  4. I need to create robust retargeting funnels: Wrong
  5. ToFu Mofu and BoFu: Wrong
  6. High CPA is your fault: Wrong
  7. The market, audience or product is saturated: Wrong

Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

There’s only ONE thing that matters in advertising. JUST one thing.


Few were actually profitable and really knew what they were doing. And even fewer were able to explain it with grace. 

I felt like the entire industry was a sham. There had to be a group of elite marketers that actually knew what they were doing. There had to be someone in that group that could explain the strategy. 

So enter the disruptors. Sure, they were spending a ton of money. Like, north of $1M/week, but did they really know what they were doing? Did the folks actually, truly understand the algorithm? 

I stood to the test to learn. 

Meta’s Largest Advertisers Knew Exactly What Makes People Tick.


But, what I realized is so did I. Sometimes when you stare down the path of truth, you realize, you’ve been on the path the whole time. You realize that you already knew the “secret answer” or the thing that most people are after. 


Take a look at the screenshot below: 


The dates are on the upper right. At the time of writing this I’m spending north of $30k/day every day. My max spend was over $107k/day. 

And people I’ve worked with have spent over $250k/day. I’ve trained teams and provided the necessary documentation to scale past 5-6 figures/day. 

All profitably. 

Sound crazy? 

To me, this is just another day in the office. 

You see…it all comes down to mindset, strategy and the one thing that I mentioned. 

But…this strategy is like no other. It’s consistent and prevents the wild swings that you typically experience in advertising. 

Most people claim that “Meta is not for them” when in reality, they have the strategy completely wrong. 

This strategy works on any product, any niche and any business. 

Even when times are rough and times are great. This strategy pulls you through Black Friday sales and holiday season. It’ll make you shine like a star within any company. And account for MASSIVE growth. 

I really never had a concept of what it would be like to help a company achieve 2.5B in growth. But here’s what it looks like: 

And there are many more screenshots that I can’t share. After a while, you realize there is a single way to accomplish the goals that most businesses seek. And that is growth without compromise.

Growth without losing ROAS. 

Profitable performance throughout all cycles of growth. 

Learn exactly how to tune your account so you don’t lose a penny. 

Hundreds of Agencies and Consultants claim to help

But the reality is, even to this day, those who I talk to really still don’t understand the fundamentals. They really don’t understand how to create repeatable and scalable results. 


So…naturally, being the person that I am. 

I am sick of the misinformation and crap advice you see

What does that mean for you?

Well, after years and years and years of research, testing, thousands of creatives, millions of dollars spent and testing nearly everything possible on the platform, I decided to put it together in a tutorial.

This isn’t just a “how to” guide on Meta advertising.

This is a full, comprehensive, hands on experience on exactly what to do when.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner advertiser or a seasoned full-stack marketer. I finally peel back the lessons. Identify the issues and show you EXACTLY what to do on a daily basis.

I break it down in over 9 modules and 123 lessons to be exact.

You’ll realize how different it is from day one.

Let’s take a sneak peak at what I go over…


➔ Module 1: Naming Conventions

➔ Module 2: Pixel / CAPI Setup
➔ Module 3: Testing Methodology
➔ Module 4: How the Algorithm Works
➔ Module 5: The Funnel
➔ Module 6: Attribution
➔ Module 7: Testing Methodology
➔ Module 8: Creative
➔ Module 9: Scaling


➔ Bonus 1: Replay Hacks ($197 Value)

➔ Bonus 2: Quickly Test Ideas ($497 Value)
➔ Bonus 3: Creative Hacks ($1997 Value)

➔ Bonus 4: Naming Convention Tool ($997 Value)

➔ Bonus 5: Compliant Before and Afters ($4997 Value)

Yep…that’s about it. I leave no stone unturned. No bullshit. Nothing to the imagination. With this setup. you can start your way to becoming a disruptor too.

But…this is open to only those who actually want to make it in advertising.

Because we met at FHL, I’m offering a special price that’s only available until Monday.

How much is all this? You can get early access to my course once it’s up. Simply fill out the form below, and you’ll be notified once the course is up. 

Well, you can spend the rest of the year and a couple hundred “g’s” trying to figure it out. You might. Or you can start FOR FREE today.

The choice is yours.

Your future is in your hands.