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This Simple 45  Minute Technique Generates 1313% ROI

Tired of Leaving Money on the Table? 

Here, let me show you…

You not taking action is not my problem. While you sit and spend your money on Facebook Ads, you are missing out on a ton of opportunities. I, on the other hand am taking full advantage of the money that you leave on the table. 

If you’re not retargeting your traffic, somebody else is! By you not taking advantage of the placement options, some other advertiser is taking your potential placement. 

This Simple Diagram & The step by step course is All You Need

You already have the campaigns running, isn’t it time you actually increase your ROI to the max? Stop wasting your traffic on Facebook and start retargeting. The trick here is to do this with retargeting…


That’s cute, I’m sure you do. Every Facebook advertiser “Claims” they do retargeting, but do you do Intelligent Retargeting? This flow chart gives you the exact strategy that you can use on your customers to literally Read Their Minds. 

In the next 45 Minutes…

  • Have all your retargeting campaigns set up PROPERLY
  • You’ll see exactly how I structure this system
  • I reveal it all for free
  • Just follow this easy strategy
  • Know how to segment your audience
  • Easily show the right offer to the right person
  • Know exactly who your best customers are 
  • Enjoy over 1000% ROI on your existing campaigns

Automated, No Maintenance Necessary

Once you are setup, you will not need to maintain these campaigns. They are automated and just make you money on AUTOPILOT. The adsets will begin to generate Revenue in as little as 24 hours.

Who is this for?

E Commerce/Product Marketing

Lead Generation/Funnels

Webinar Campaigns/High Ticket Sales

What Do I Get?

  • Free Diagram. This flow chart is all you need to get started. It acts as your guide when building your audiences and retargeting campaigns
  • A Free ExplanationNow that you have the flow chart, you will need an explanation of what to do. Yes, you get this in the download too. 
  • A Free Intro to the Course​You will be redirected to the free video lessons after you receive the diagram.
  • Just click and download to get started.Yes this is all 100% Free, just download to get started now.

Yury Vilk
Member of Funnel Insiders

Who Am I?

My name is Yury Vilk. I have spent hundreds of thousands on Facebook Ads and largely kept my secrets to myself and my inner circle. Additionally, I’ve spent MILLIONS on Google Adwords and other ad platforms. I single handedly managed a $75K/Day Spend on Adwords. Find a guru to teach you that…

“Retargeting” vs Intelligent Retargeting

A Quick Comparison on what you claim you do with retargeting…

Intelligent Retargeting

  • Segmented, perfectly crafted offers
  • The Right offer at the right time
  • Read the customer’s mind and know exactly what to show them
  • Recover even non-profitable campaigns
  • Customer is 60% More likely to convert
  • Build better brand identity 

Your “Retargeting”

  • One single offer
  • Show the same offer over and over
  • Customer gets sick of your message
  • Lose money on non-profitable campaigns
  • Lose your Potential Customer

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