How to Research Products that Win Every Time

Many people wonder what tools or hacks there are to finding winning products on Facebook. Well, I hate to break it to you, no tool will be as good as good old fashioned research. Sure there are great tools that help you identifying trending products, but it could be cumbersome to identify the winning ad. Or it may be tough to find winning ad copies because Facebook’s search features sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

So I say go to the source. Increasingly, Shopify is the platform of choice for ecommerce professionals. One thing that really sucks about Shopify is that your data is collected by Shopify. Your IP is shared with everybody else. Therefore, anybody can search your store and rank it by global traffic. This is why I choose to use WooCommerce and not Shopify. You see, running your store on Shopify makes it super easy for competitors to spy on you. Running on WooCommerce let’s you do basically whatever you want.

Well in this article I’m going to show you exactly how to use ONE METHOD of product research step by step to identify the highest performing SHOPIFY ONLY stores. You will be able to see the actual store, and get inspiration to run your own ads.

As a side note, I don’t like copying anybody’s winning ad. If it’s a product, fine, but an ad can always be improved. Personally, I think I’m a better copy writer than some random ecommerce marketer so why would I entrust my livelihood with someone I don’t even know? Please be creative here and use this strategy for good, not for evil.

Yes, this strategy will identify the ads, but we don’t know the winning ads. We only know if the ad is running. You will still have to test. There is no “easy” solution so it’s best to just do the work.

Here goes. You first need to identify the Shopify stores. I recommend you have a VA go through the entire list for you. We already have a VA who has created the entire list for you. If you want to shortcut your progress, click here to easily download the full list of.

The strategy is very repetitive and requires you to focus on finding the stores that sell general merchandise. The higher the store rank, the more volume they are pushing.

Visit this and search for Shopify. Click this link. It’s already pre-configured for finding the Shopify stores (see? isn’t that convenient?).

Once there, start searching for stores that are doing dropshipping. Of course, the stores that are doing drop-shipping are going to be those selling random items or those who are selling printed T-shirts or PODs. They are fairly easy to identify.

Here’s a small list to get you started:


Once identified, head over to their Facebook page and see what ads they are running. Because Facebook now publicly discloses the Ads that companies use, it’s incredibly easy to spy on the competition. Sure, their ads may be running, but we won’t know how successful the product is. So we can cross reference the product with Niche Scraper and determine the store’s volume. If the store is doing good volume, then the product might be worthy to test, but you need to find a supplier.

If the store is not running ads, then you know it’s not advertising on Facebook at the moment, so check back later.

Then you need to head over to AliExpress, or Google and find the product that the store is promoting. Now you have the supplier, the cost, the ad, the relative rank (traffic) and the Facebook page of the store. You now can easily see what they are marketing. Now the last thing you need to do is test interests and learn how to start your Facebook ads.

That’s it, you simply repeat this over and over until you have nice list of products that work on Facebook.

If you want additional help in finding the perfect products every time, we have a free training you can start with by clicking here. The first 2 modules are absolutely free for life.

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